Water Slides and Toys for Sale

Water Slides and Toys for Sale

Latest and Greatest!

Brownie's Yacht Toys presents Freestyle Cruiser yacht Water Slides brought to you by Brownie's Dive Shops. Just added- inflatable dock for Jet Ski's and Seabobs. See also the Critter Free Pool and Water Trampoline below. Contact Us and we can answer your price and model questions.

Newest Yacht Water Slides!
Yacht Water Slides

Legless Water Slides

Brownie's Yacht Toys now has available the newest in yacht Water Slides. These new slides are built to 12 meters high without a support leg. The new slides are 20% less weight for easier handling and less space for storage. Contact Us for more info and to order your custom yacht water slide today!

Yacht Inflatable Water Slide Overview

Custom Jet-Ski & Seabob Dock
Custom Yacht Dock
  • Any size, design, colors or logos
  • Custom Stair System Available
  • Curved designs to fit your swim platform or transom
  • All Water Toy Docks are constructed out of 20cm Drop Stitch or 28 oz Firmatex™ reinforced PVC vinyl
  • Three (3) year warranty.
  • Systemized lash down rings for easy installation.
  • Safety handles to assist in moving the toys on board and in the water
This custom Jet-Ski & Seabob Dock gets the job done protecting your guests, water toys and yacht with its inflatable non-abrasive construction keeping toys away from your yacht and secure for guest boarding. Contact Us for more info and to order your custom inflatable water toys dock today!

Secure and Safe Water Toys Dock
Custom Water Toys Dock

New Yacht Water Slide Models!
Brownie's Yacht Toys is proud to bring you two new Water Slides. The IS is designed for yachts 40 to 80 feet in length and the XS is a free standing model with stairs for more fun on the water anywhere you go.

IS Yacht Water Slide
IS Yacht Water Slide

The IS Yacht Water Slide only needs one measurement from the top of the rail to the water line to start the order process. This water slide is made to the same tough and long-lasting specifications of the larger slides for many good times. Contact Us for more information!

XS Yacht Water Slide
XS Yacht Water Slide

The XS Yacht Water Slide can be attached to the swim platform or be free floating. Non-slip Air Stairs make for safe and easy access to the top of the slide. Contact Us for more info and to order yours today!

Yacht Water Slide and Toys

These fabulous yacht water slides come in two models; Cruiser LS and Cruiser NLS. The Cruiser LS has a leg support and the Cruiser NLS does not have a leg support. The LS model is recommended for slides that exceed heights greater than 5 meters (16' 5").

Yacht Water Slide These yacht water slides have a 45 degree drop allowing the slider to reach exhilarating speeds for great fun! For both private and charter yachts, these water slides offer first class entertainment. And you can have the yacht's logo name custom placed on the slide.

The water slides are built of only the finest materials available and have a three year warrenty. The slides have attachment points to secure the slide to your yacht and for moving by crane.

These water slides come with an inflation pump and have numerous fill and relief valves. All hose runs, slide base and other appointments are smoothly designed for safe use and pleasing to the eye for a true yacht finish look and safety.
Contact Us for more information to own your Yacht Water Slide today!

A great addition to the Water Slide or all by itself is the Critter Free Pool. These large 23'7" (7.2 m) by 21'3" (6.5 m) inflatable pools provide a safe place to swim free from most fish, jelly fish as well as a method to prevent swimmers from being swept away by the current.

Critter Free Pool Deployed
Critter Free Pool

The Critter Free Pool uses a net suspended with weights to keep its shape. For peace of mind with yacht guests in the water, the Critter Free Pool cannot be beat! Contact Us for more information to own your Critter Free Pool today!

See in the pictures below yacht water slides on Sailboats. See also the new Water Trampoline for use on all yachts. Remember, your yacht logo is displayed on any water toy you buy. Contact Us for more information to own your own Water Slide, Pool, or Trampoline today!

Yacht Water Slides & Toys Media Gallery

Inflatable Seaplane Dock
Water Slide with Custom Logo
Yacht Water Slide Custom Logo

Ready to Go Toys
Yacht Water Slide Custom Logo

Sailing Yacht Water Slide
Sailing Yacht Water Slide

Yacht Water Slide
Yacht Water Slide

Yacht Water Slide Detail
Yacht Water Slide Detail

Water Trampoline
Water Trampoline

Custom Inflatable Water Slide & Personal Water Jets
Custom Inflatable Water Slide

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